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"extract" Cargo package from rust package
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While updating rust and improving its packaging scripts, I noticed that the cargo package uses a tarball we already import to build rust:
Also, if you look at rust's pspec file, you'll notice that there are some doc pages related only to cargo. So, according to my observation, wouldn't it be better to "extract" the cargo package directly from rust's package.yml? That's what other distros do, actually.

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Additionally I have an issue building cargo right now with the update, maybe one of the #coreteam can chip in and tell us why it was separated in the first place? (made me always wonder)

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Long time ago rust wasn't tied so much to cargo and they were downloaded separately so it made sense.

Additionally I have an issue building cargo right now with the update

I'm contributing to Rust and know it's internals a bit, maybe I could help you?

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