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mycroft-core missing rundeps
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mycroft-core is missing rundeps:


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daizehnd created this task.Feb 17 2019, 6:16 AM
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They not missing, we do not have these packages inside the repo what the hell did the packager regarding testing.....

Very few packagers actually run tests for python applications. It's easy to miss a dep inside the rundeps list...
EDIT for clarification: OK we're not missing packages here, but still my statement is valid.

So who ever claims this, these following packages are needed

  • pyjokes is not needed as a rundep, not on the requirement list

needed deps which need to be added to the repo

  • python-pocketsphinx
  • python-pulsectl
  • python-padaos
  • python-precise-runner
  • python-petact
  • python-msk
  • python-msm