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Update bash to 5.0
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  • Bash 5.0 has a lot of bugfixes and a couple features that makes it worthwhile to update it to the latest verision. Should in general provide a better bash experience for us bash users. Full changelog can be found here.
  • I actually tried building this but ran in to some errors. I think it is better for the core or triage team to tackle this...

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Jacalz created this task.Feb 9 2019, 6:57 PM
livingsilver94 added a subscriber: livingsilver94.EditedFeb 9 2019, 7:45 PM

While it's not a written rule, typically it's Core Team that manages packages in system.base, so you better just notify that an update exists :)

Jacalz added a comment.Feb 9 2019, 8:09 PM

Yeah i figured that it would be the case 🙂

Girtablulu triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Feb 13 2019, 5:53 PM
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As already mentioned should be updated by #coreteam

The current bash build is working again, thanks to @sunnyflunk! However when trying to update I get the following error:

/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcurses

If I'm not completely wrong we only have libncurses, but no libcurses. Not sure if we need ncurses 5 for that or if it can be disabled by configure. I'm sure someone will figure it out soon :)

algent added a subscriber: algent.Aug 30 2019, 1:41 PM

Bash is version 5.0.7 so this task is completed.

Girtablulu closed this task as Resolved.Aug 30 2019, 1:43 PM
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