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Files app prematurely reports copy completion
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Select a bunch of files from your harddrive totalling many GB. Then use Files to copy them to an external drive. Wait for the completion message ("5 files copied" or whatever). Immediately when you see it, click the eject icon. Immediately thereafter, remove the external drive. Plug it back in. Compare all the files. Notice that, most likely, there are some failed comparisons. The reason, I suppose, is that you're not waiting for the external drive to flush its memory to the media before announcing that the copy has completed. Therefore when it's disconnected from USB, unless it has its own batter power like a phone, it loses the tail end of the copy (which could in fact be the journal updates to the file system itself, without which it's possible that no files will be remembered at all). There is hardware support for determining that the internal buffer has flushed. A bad but probably sufficient workaround would be to wait 30 seconds, or display a dialog indicating that you're done transferring the data but don't know if the buffer has actually flushed, so the user should wait around a while if possible.

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I'd suggest checking if this is still an issue in Files (Nautilus) after our GNOME 3.30 / 3.32 upgrade. If it is, file it upstream with GNOME, they're the developers.