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[Query] Vsftpd disapeared?
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Quick question,

vsftpd seems to have disappeared from the repo and I can't see why.
Looking at it seems to have been refreshed as recently as December.

Hoping someone could enlighten me,


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tecosaur created this task.Feb 5 2019, 12:18 PM
DataDrake closed this task as Wontfix.Feb 5 2019, 12:26 PM
DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

It was removed as a part of T7318: End of Year Cleaning. No one had been maintaining it and it has not seen an upstream update in 2 years, which is an uncomfortable amount of time for a piece of networking software when it comes to security.

Thanks :)

Offhand, would you know of any software available in the repo that does a similar thing?