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We need an option to disable dangerous middle-click
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I'm submitting this to the Solus dev tracker instead of Budgie because it needs to be fixed at a low level. Otherwise any superficial patch could be easily overridden (and browsers seem to do so, even after disabling it with gnome-tweaks). The problem is that it's way to easy to click the mouse wheel while scrolling. When this occurs, it causes the clipboard to get pasted into the text stream. This is doubly awful because one is scrolling and therefore could easily miss the paste event. Imagine sending confidential information to the wrong party, rewriting source code in a way which still compiles, or doing any other manner of random-paste compromises. Please, at minimum, provide us with a way to turn it off so it won't work anywhere, not even in browsers which attempt to reenable it. It's a security disaster waiting to happen.

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This functionality really has to be exposed and implemented across multiple projects:

  • GNOME Control Center
  • MATE Control Center
  • Future Budgie 11 Control Center
  • KDE's Control Center

I don't see this being in the domain of Solus to implement, but rather something you should bring up with the individual projects. For GNOME, they expose an option they *may* work via org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-enable-primary-paste, however I have yet to test this.