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Notify user about application crash on startup
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Currently if you start an application from the GUI, and it crashes before even starting, as the user you have no idea what just happened, if it's stuck, or there was a lingering process or anything.

We should somehow intercept that case and at least let the user know that the app just crashed. This would remove a lot of head scratching.

I suppose this pretty much would be an error reporting tool... But in any case just a popup that says that it crashed would be key to begin with.

And so begins the descent into telemetry... lol.

Ya for now if we can just notify about crashes, awesome. Got something I can test it with?
Ideally we also want to stop systemd feeding the log with coredumps too

ikey claimed this task.Sep 19 2016, 3:26 PM

Ideally under Settings -> Privacy, we could have an option to never even bother the user with sending coredumps, perhaps just ask for the preference on the first ever crash and save the option as to not be annoying.. kind of a mid point.

Yeah, probably unless the user has disabled sending coredumps for analysis, in theory we'd want a toggle somewhere to "Enable developer mode" that would do useful things like adding your debug symbols, and putting the dump on your home folder for easy access and such, since having it inside systemd is only useful if you were not expecting it. But I guess this is food for thought for now.

I noticed because I managed to bork my Qt apps video memory allocations... (don't ask).

I'm attaching a sample GTK app rigged to segfault on startup, and a launcher to test running it via gui. You can use my binary or better yet rebuild it with the script attached.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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