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Update mlt to 6.12.0 and make it install its Python bindings
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This is in reference to:

MLT is currently at version 6.10.0 in Solus, and there does not appear to be any reason not to update it.

Additionally, as can be seen from the above URLs, some software uses MLT through its Python bindings, which Solus currently does not provide. In order to build them, --swig-languages=python must be added when calling configure. In order to install them, src/swig/Makefile must be patched to include something like cp python/ python/ python/mlt_wrap.o '$(prefix)/lib/python2.7/' in the install section.

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Can you please add the link to the tar ball as well?

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This update was completed in R2083:ea9a6c4dcd3cdbd32dd06f140e6290976dfee122. Python bindings weren't enabled, though.