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HP Laptop: Can't lock or suspend on Solus
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Hello everyone!

I have Solus installed as the only OS on my HP Probook 4740s for about 2 weeks and I have been having problems with locking and suspending. I have already talked about the locking/unlocking problem here (T5311) but I'm still having problems with suspending. I've been using various distros on my laptop for about 2 years now and it's the first time it happens to me so I think it's Solus-related.

The problem happens when I use the Budgie applet to Suspend or when I close the laptop: the PC shuts down normally, the power LED blinks like it does with every other Linux distro when the PC is suspended but when I press the power button the fan begins to spin, the HDD LED doesn't show any activity and the screen stays black.

The really bizarre thing about this is that I can hibernate without any problem, even though (from what I read) hibernating is just suspending and writing the ram in the swap partition

That's the only problem I had on Solus so far so if it could be fixed I'd be so glad !

PS: Maintainers and Core team, thank you for the good work !

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Solved for me, it was actually a xorg problem, a misconfigured GPU, to solve it I deleted the custom intel.conf file I created previously

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Sorry, I meant to reopen it right away but the suspend problem still isn't fixed. I read somewhere that installing the Intel Microcode could help but it didn't

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I found a fix,
Using the kernel parameters listed on this page of the forum I fixed my problem, how can this be set as default so it won't happen to anyone less into tech ?

Tzigamm added a comment.EditedApr 10 2019, 9:12 AM

That's exactly what I did, it works like a charm ! (well it created T7664 but no more crashing)

I was just asking how to make it default for people who don't know what a kernel parameter is and who will not be happy when they can't close the lid of their laptop without it crashing