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Update glibc to 2.28
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I guess that's not the easiest ask for an update:

Basically the latest chromium ffmpeg builds are not working anymore and therefore there's no h264 support in browsers like Vivaldi for example:
Workaround is using an older build of the library at the moment.

cat: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.28' not found (required by /home/$user/.local/lib/vivaldi/

glibc 2.28:

failing library on
chromium-codecs-ffmpeg_71.0.3578.80 (any version)

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DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.EditedJan 5 2019, 8:29 PM

So, aside from the update: we have vivaldi-stable in the repo with a compatible ffmeg-chromium as a dependency. Should get you sorted short-term.

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@Alexander88207 While I appreciate the enthusiasm. Please leave glibc and other things in system.base to the #core_team_org . Thanks!

All right, no problem.

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Upgrading to 2.29 at the moment: R927:92465d839721b534ff992b2ce37eda5483128335