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When Firefox updates, my language gets changed to English (United Kingdom), and I have to change it back to English (United States)
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I want to report this here, before I go upstream with the issue because I think there might be something wrong with the packaging.

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Hello, is this a recent issue or have you always had this issue ?
Which DE do you use and more important, how are your locales defined ?

This is a recent issue Kyrios. I maybe first noticed it within the last 2 or 3 Firefox updates. I am using Solus GNOME. I haven't done anything special with my locales. I did mark my timezone as CST however when I installed the OS. What are the env variables for locale? I will watch for the 64.0.2 update when that happens and see if it changes.

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The issue did not seem to appear this time. I am going to close the issue, and keep a watchful eye.

tristan957 reopened this task as Open.Jan 15 2019, 10:44 PM

Yea I don't know. It's not a firefox update issue. Something is corrupting the language selection. Posting eopkg history

Operation #115: upgrade
Date: 2019-01-15 16:12

    * discord is upgraded from 0.0.6-9-1-x86_64 to 0.0.7-10-1-x86_64.

Operation #114: repository update
Date: 2019-01-15 16:11

    * Solus repository is updated.

Operation #113: upgrade
Date: 2019-01-15 12:10

    * discord is upgraded from 0.0.5-8-1-x86_64 to 0.0.6-9-1-x86_64.

Operation #112: repository update
Date: 2019-01-15 12:10

    * Solus repository is updated.

Operation #111: upgrade
Date: 2019-01-13 11:18

    * noto-sans-ttf is upgraded from 2-11-1-x86_64 to 2-12-1-x86_64.

Operation #110: repository update
Date: 2019-01-13 11:17

    * Solus repository is updated.

Operation #109: upgrade
Date: 2019-01-12 20:12

    * font-lateef-ttf 1-1-1-x86_64 is removed.
    * font-indic-ttf 0.5.14-1-1-x86_64 is removed.
    * liblttng-ust 2.9.0-1-1-x86_64 is removed.
    * liburcu 0.9.3-1-1-x86_64 is removed.
    * sudo is upgraded from 1.8.26-21-1-x86_64 to 1.8.26-22-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * bash-completion is upgraded from 2.8-14-1-x86_64 to 2.8-15-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * pisi is upgraded from 3.6-93-1-x86_64 to 3.6-94-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * samba is upgraded from 4.8.6-44-1-x86_64 to 4.8.8-45-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * mpv-libs is upgraded from 0.29.1-58-1-x86_64 to 0.29.1-59-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * firefox is upgraded from 64.0-146-1-x86_64 to 64.0.2-147-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * vscode is upgraded from 1.30.0-74-1-x86_64 to 1.30.2-75-1-x86_64.
    * libwpg is upgraded from 0.3.1-1-1-x86_64 to 0.3.3-2-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * celt 0.11.3-5-1-x86_64 is installed.
    * jack-audio-connection-kit 0.125.0-7-1-x86_64 is installed.
    * fluidsynth is upgraded from 1.1.11-6-1-x86_64 to 2.0.3-7-1-x86_64.
    * libinput is upgraded from 1.12.3-25-1-x86_64 to 1.12.5-26-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * gtkd is upgraded from 3.8.4-11-1-x86_64 to 3.8.4-12-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * jemalloc is upgraded from 4.5.0-7-1-x86_64 to 5.1.0-8-1-x86_64 with delta.
    * protobuf is upgraded from 3.5.1-7-1-x86_64 to 3.6.1-8-1-x86_64.
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I don't see how this could be anything to do with the package itself. It's more likely that something in your Firefox profile is getting upgraded each time you run Firefox for the first time after an update. When that happens, it is likely messing things up. I admit there may be something we are setting in the environment that Firefox isn't expecting, but I can't tell what that might be.

@DataDrake I would like to keep this open for now. I am going to do some testing during updates, and opening firefox with all extensions disabled. If I can't find any correlation, I'll take this upstream.