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Request for Qtractor
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  • Qtractor
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  • It is a great audio workstation program that provides a lot of features in a relatively small package that fits in to his other projects like qjackctl and qsynth. It also has support for recording and sequencing of MIDI and audio files. It uses JACK for audio and ALSA for the midi capabilities.
  • Yes, it is open source and freely available. It is from the same author who are developing qjackctl and qsynth.

This seems to be a really nice Linux alternative to GarageBand on MacOS, having this would make me able to fully almost fully ditch my Mac computers...

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We already have this.

Jacalz added a comment.Jan 4 2019, 9:37 AM

Apologies for filing a double request, I somehow missed it when I was looking. Sorry for this 😐