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Cursor in games ran with Wine is corrupted
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The games in-question are World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 (both 64-bit in 64-bit prefixes). The cursor alone is lacking noticeable detail and the color is off in some way (instead of having their usual detail and gradients, they end up using a single color). A picture is a little difficult to pull-off (gnome-screenshot doesn't capture the cursor; phone doesn't focus closely-enough).

I use NVIDIA graphics. The cursor in WoW is corrupted with both the Solus NV package and NVIDIA's latest driver. GW2's cursor is also corrupted in the Solus NV package (I didn't check/notice it in the latest NVIDIA driver).

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Suspect this is related to T139 - using GTK3..

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Fixed by dropping staging and having fixed GTK3 itself

Did dropping Staging really fix this? I've used Staging in other distros (using it now in Fedora 25) and have never seen this happen outside of Solus.