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Make gimp use system theme
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The default look of gimp seems a little unexpected to me. The dark background doesn't match the desktop theme and the icons are quite huge.

The settings allow to make it use the system theme and also inherit icon sizes from there which I found to be a lot more pleasant on the eye.

It seems that the defaults can be configured through /etc/gimp/2.0/gimprc so I wanted to propose to make this configuration part of the Solus package.

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Approved. If someone (read the IMPORTANT bit after) wants to patch the gimprc file and provide a package update patch for it while I'm "away" on holidays, go for it. Otherwise I can when I'm "back". Here's the steps:

  1. Clone the GIMP repo. No, I don't care that what I linked isn't GitLab. It's fine.
  2. Check out the 2.10.8 tag: git checkout GIMP_2_10_8 should do the trick
  3. Make the change to etc/ in their tree. You should uncomment (theme "Dark") by removing the # (minding the whitespace, remove it too) and change it to (theme "System")
  4. Save the file and make a git commit. Plenty of docs online if you don't know how.
  5. Make a patch using git format-patch -n1. It'll look like 0001-Blah.patch
  6. Clone R907 gimp, bump it so it has an incremented relnum. See our Updating an Existing Package doc.
  7. Move the patch file from the gimp source repo to our repo, in a files directory that you'll need to create.
  8. Apply the patch (see our documentation), build, install the eopkg, test.
  9. Submit the patch following our documentation.
IMPORTANT: To those in #developers, please leave this for someone with little to no packaging experience to do (I'll abandon your patch if you ignore this). This is not a high priority item and it should provide a good starting point to packaging or at least some good practice. If you've never set up a build environment before for packaging, please consult our documentation.
so-lo added a comment.Dec 28 2018, 7:20 PM

I packaged before but not on Solus so I think I still fall into the required noob category. :)

I walked through the steps above and the help center docs and hope that I didn't forget anything. Please let me know if something in needs fixing.