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qt-creator package doesn't build some plugins
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The qt-creator package doesn't build some plugins that are included in the source package. These plugins can't be downloaded and they are part of the package distributed by Qt so they should be built in the distribution package.

As far as I can see, "clangcodemodel", "clangpchmanager", "clangrefactoring", "clangtools", "cpptools" are not built. clangtools and cpptools are particularly important because of CppCheck and clang-tidy.

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Assigning it to Sunnyflunk as plasma/qt maintainer

I'm not sure it really requires waiting for me, just add llvm-clang-devel and cppcheck-devel to build deps should be sufficient to resolve this.

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Was more like to get a okay from your side :3

This is gonna need patches to support LLVM 7:

Project WARNING: Clang LibTooling is disabled because only version 6.0 is supported.

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we build this now with llvm and qt6