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Update Gajim to 1.1.0
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Source tarball:

Changelogs since current version (1.0.3):

1.1.0 (06 November 2018)

  • Remove support for XEP-0091

Bug fixes

  • 8968 Windows: Gajim loads DLLs from wrong location
  • 9322 Error when adding contact
  • 9357 Acquire sleep inhibtor correctly after sleep
  • 9385 Ignore invalid bookmarks
  • 9386 Discovery: Browsing nodes without identity
  • 9393 Error when parsing invalid timestamps
  • 9398 Error on jingle file transfer (07 October 2018)

  • Implement XEP-0398
  • MUC: Set Threshold for requesting history
  • Show icon for unencrypted messages
  • Support more media players for broadcasting the current tune
  • Windows: Add a debug logging switch in preferences
  • Preferences: enable/disable dark theme
  • Preferences: enable/disable the MUC subject beeing shown on join
  • Preferences: enable/disable ascii emoji conversion

Bug fixes

  • 9198 Creating new MUCs with captial letters is not possible
  • 9210 Error when clicking on new message indicator
  • 9280 Inviting users to a MUC causes error
  • 9301 Error when opening service discovery window
  • 9309 Error when clicking on a groupchat invite notification
  • 9311 Error when requesting server info
  • 9117 Windows UAC changes status not available
  • 9324 No menus/dialogs on Win7
  • 9326 IPV6 Connection problem on Win10
  • 9334 Joining big MUCs takes very long
  • 9339 Error caused by remote_control

1.0.99 (19 August 2018)

  • Support for setting a MUC Avatar
  • Support for PKIX over Secure HTTP (POSH)
  • Support idle time for GNOME on Wayland
  • New Emoji chooser
  • Noto Emoji theme updated to Unicode 11
  • Twitter Emoji theme added
  • Gajim Theming reworked
  • Design updates to many dialogs
    • Join Groupchat
    • Bookmarks
    • Add new contact
    • History
    • Profile
    • Accounts

Bug fixes

  • 8658 Translation doesnt work on Windows
  • 8750 Increase time frame for duplicate search in MUCs
  • 9138 Translation in Flatpak does not work
  • 9140 Error when clicking on the notification of an incoming message
  • 9159 Wrong form type when responding to a voice request
  • 9069 Send cancel IQ if muc configuration is aborted
  • 9167 Flatpak fails to determine locale settings
  • 9171 Gajim requests vcard multiple times
  • 9198 Creating new MUCs with capital letters is not possible
  • 9211 Punycode and Unicode with Internationalized Domain Names

Other changes

  • Support http:upload:0
  • Remove forward message adhoc commands
  • Remove support for XEP-0090
  • Remove RC4-SHA because it is insecure (Was not used with current OpenSSL versions)
  • Improve speed when loading the roster
  • Handle new MUC status code 333
  • Switch to GDBus for Gajim remote
  • Removed support for ESessions
  • Improvements to the dark theme of Gajim
  • New dependency: python3-cssutils >= 1.0.2
  • New dependency: python3-keyring
  • Removed dependency: python3-avahi
  • Removed dependency: python3-pyasn1

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yaomtc created this task.Dec 23 2018, 2:23 AM
Girtablulu triaged this task as Low priority.Dec 23 2018, 8:18 AM
Girtablulu moved this task from Backlog to Improvement on the Software board.

Gajim doesn't launch for me anymore. Here's the terminal output:

It said I needed precis-i18n and it wasn't found. So I installed pip, and then: sudo pip install precis-i18n but I still get the same error.

Should I open a separate issue for this?

JoshStrobl changed the task status from Resolved to Locked.Dec 31 2018, 4:03 AM
JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.

No, this was already fixed a couple days ago. See T7414

This task has been locked.