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Fullscreen video in Firefox not fully opaque
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I brought this up on the IRC, but figured I should make an issue here as well. I'm not sure if this is a Firefox issue or something with the compositor.

On Firefox, when a video is playing in fullscreen and the mouse/controls are hidden, the windows on the desktop behind the fullscreen video can be viewed through the video, as in the attached screenshot. This only seems to happen with Firefox, as Chrome shows the video as completely opaque.

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Ping @kyrios123 as our Firefox maintainer

@serebit I don't see windows through the video on any of the screenshots.

@kyrios123 The compression does it in a bit, but on the Firefox screenshot there’s a white window on the right side, taking up about half the image. In that white window there’s a small dark rectangle on the bottom. It’s much easier to see when the video is playing.

I never heard about such an issue and I can't reproduce it here.
What DE do you use ?
Which GPU with which drivers ?

Latest sync of Budgie, on an RX 480 using the latest Mesa (18.3.1). It’s been happening for a good couple months now, but I haven’t figured out if there are any specific circumstances to make it happen.

serebit added a comment.EditedDec 17 2018, 6:00 AM Here's video of it, with a clearer background image of a rainbow. Turns out it's not just with fullscreen video, it also happens to me with Twitch streams and YouTube videos, even when they aren't in fullscreen.

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I have the same problem. And when we put the video in pause there is no issue.

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I can confirm this issue exists. I have been able to reliably reproduce it with anything using the new W3C EME bits (Netflix). I believe it is either related to Mesa or Firefox itself. I'll need to test on an Intel system.

I have an Intel HD laptop I can test with. I haven’t noticed this issue on there yet, but I’ll take a closer look and see if I can reproduce it.

Happens on my Intel HD 620 laptop, and I’ve gotten word from someone using Ubuntu with Gnome 3 on the prop Nvidia drivers that it happens to them as well. Seems to be a Firefox issue, with that in mind.

D5022 has "Fixed video stuttering on Youtube" the description doesn't really matches but ....

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A user on Solus sub reddit has pointed out:

Which contain's a workaround:
Create mozilla.widget.use-argb-visuals as Boolean and set it to false in about:config. And then restart browser.

Thought it might be helpful to others to make note of that here.

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This is solved in my system

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The Bugzilla issue is actually verified closed using Firefox 65, I think that this could be closed now 🙂

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This issue has been fixed.