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End of Year Cleaning
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It's becoming readily apparent that we have a bunch of packages that are either dead, out-of-date, or use upstreams that are untrackable. This task serves to keep track of packages which need to be fixed or obsoleted that I am finding in my search.




Deactivate Repos:


Missing components: (Moved to T9485)

  • spelling (office.spelling?)
  • virt

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@DataDrake We should probably nuke R2602 python-ipaddr as well. No reverse dependencies and last item was R3132:2fc577ab5f1368f8a04be47cabf341c5dffb8259

nlopt must remain, it's crucial to build many R packages. (technically 1, but many other key R packages depend on it xD )

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font-lateed-ttf should be font-lateef-ttf e24809697fca
It's an Arabic script font covered by Noto Sans:

And for font-indic-ttf, Indic script fonts are in Noto Sans.

Edit: Sorry, I had not reloaded the page before submitting the first version of this comment!

So for R2104 mpdris2, I'm going to go ahead and test its functionality first, get its deps updated locally. It's sort of limping along (in git, anyways) but it is seemingly the best option for MPRIS support in mpd. I'm going to remove it from the list (but keep python-mpd on the list, since python-mpd2 is a thing now).

I think we should nuke my applet too R3763

I might be wrong but I think I remember @JoshStrobl wanted to nuke R3616

Regarding the missing components virt is used for virtualization but it is not defined.

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  • Regarding R1421 sources are available I've just checked.
  • R1426 sources format changed. Since 1.7 the archive with hu_HU files is not available. However it should be possible to use archives from LibreOffice or maybe simply download and place files from FreeDesktop Cgit
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@kyrios123 I'll add it to the list. No reason for it to be around, we have this thing called systemd :D

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I have updated our repo data in preparation for the upcoming mass deprecations. These will occur likely sometime tomorrow so we can double check for any unintended fallout before the Friday sync.

Next step I'll be performing is repo disabling.

Mass repo disabling has occurred. Moving on to RFCs.

Added RFCs for above mentioned items, as well as a Planned Deprecation tag with a Herald task for handling most of the messaging legwork.

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