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KeePass auto-type is slow
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For a little while now, the auto-typing has been slower than it used to be. I have to wait a couple seconds for typing to begin, and the typing itself is more of a "human" speed rather than the super fast typing it utilized previously. Not sure if this is an xdotool issue.

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Hello, i use Solus for a couple of days know on 2 pc at work, i don't see any differences to others OS, the input is super fast...
Are you using KeePassX or the other edition?

@BlueKenny I'm using regular KeePass. Are you using KeePassX?

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Please try again after the Friday sync as there was a keepass update.

Yes, and i will try both to help you testing

Just updated. Issue is still present. I can go test on Ubuntu to see if the issue is present there too.

Also, their bug tracker is strangely sparse...

Using 2.39.1 on Ubuntu, the issue did not occur. I'll try 2.40 there next.

EDIT: That also worked fine. FYI these tests were with 18.10, where xdotool's version is "1:3.20160805.1-4".

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I've since done a fresh install from the new ISO and it's no longer an issue.