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Budgie window grouping bug
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When i disable window grouping sometimes upon boot it reactivates it
then when i click the slider for window grouping the icons disappear
it also desynced my chrome sync profile

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Budgie bug reports should be reported directly on github

but this is a known bug and iirc is fixed for Budgie 10.5

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This issue has been deemed by the developers to be an issue related to Budgie, our primary desktop environment. As Budgie is a distro-agnostic project, developed by Solus but leveraged by other operating systems and projects, we maintain a dedicated issue tracker for it. This issue tracker can be found at

We encourage you to search for your issue there and if your issue is not found, please create it. Bugs filed, tracked, and resolved there ensure the wider Budgie community can engage in a solution to your issue. Do note that we do not consider your issue "invalid" by virtue of being closed here, but rather are trying to maintain the distro-agnostic nature of Budgie as well as maintaining focus of Solus-specific issues on this tracker.

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