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Update latte-dock to 0.8.3
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Bugfix release of latte-dock released today



  • FIX: support multi-screen plasmoids that use plasmoid.screenGeometry such as plasma pager, plasma taskmanagers etc. Latte did not update the plasmoid.screen Geometry value properly in previous versions
  • FIX: do not crash when moving launchers that are being synced between multiple docks/panels
  • FIX: make sure that launchers order between synced docks/panels is always the current one after the user has ended its dragging
  • FIX: support fill Width/Height plasmoids better (such as plasma taskmanagers), now such applets can be added for all alignments including Left/Center/Right
  • FIX: do not show the warning message "Your layout file is broken" when the statement is not valid. This check validates that the containments and applets ids are unique in a layout file but the way this was implemented in the past it was returning false results in some cases

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You really don't need to create a task for a package you can update by yourself :)

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