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Quota tool missing for KDE plasma
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I'm using KDE plasma and in the notification aera there is something to check the disk quota, when I click on it, I've got this:

It's in French but it says:

Unable to find tool "quota"

Thanks to install "quota"

After some investigations, I've found it's quota-tools which is needed. Some distros already have it packaged, I didn't find it in Solus repo.

Here the website:

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This should be a rundep of kdeplasma-addons which provides the quota widget. However, I have no idea how you have it in notifications.

In the parameters of notifications widget (i don't know the correct name), you have:

  • General
  • Categories

then there is a part called Additionnal Elements (or something like that) where you can select a lot of stuff like disk quota, battery, printers, bluetooth. Disk quota is selected, this why the icon is present for me.

If you want, I can try to package quota-tools and submit a patch.

I've packaged and testd it, in fact quota is dedicated for servers, it need to be configured. Not really good for desktop users IMHO.
Finally, I've unselected it and I've found another plasma widget to check Disk free spaced.

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