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update gspell to 1.8.1
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I was trying to build something depending on gspell>=1.8 and it seems we only have gspell 1.6 on stable repo.
Maybe it's time to upgrade it.


News in 1.8.1, 2018-06-16

  • gspell has moved to the GNOME GitLab instance. The bugzilla tickets have not yet been migrated to the GitLab issues, so before filing a new issue on GitLab, please search the bugzilla first. All links are available as usual on:
  • Fix new compilation warning (-Wcast-function-type).
  • Translation updates.

News in 1.8.0, 2018-03-10

  • Build system: don't declare functions in AC_TRY_COMPILE.
  • Translation updates.

News in 1.7.1, 2017-12-09

  • Use Enchant 2.
  • Improve documentation.
  • Translation updates.


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Devil505 created this task.Oct 31 2018, 8:48 AM
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I don't like to block your work but I would say this is part of the T6971 upgrade. Additionally, we currently only support enchant1 and we've been opposed to packaging two different versions of enchant up to this point. The new gspell update seems to only support enchant2. There is a fairly complex dependency graph to update enchant to version 2. One of the main blockers is poedit which will require a gtk3 built version of wxwidgets to use a newer version of gtkspell (gtkspell3) which in turn, can be built against enchant 2. We did try to upgrade wxwidgets to gtk3 before (T5974) but there were too many bugs (mostly theming and display issues) and we rolled it back.

What package are you trying to package exactly?

We may have to eventually cave in and package both versions of enchant as well as wxgtk3.

Devil505 added a comment.EditedOct 31 2018, 11:49 AM

I was trying to build fractal (matrix client, I wanted to test something else than but don't worry, it's not a priority.

Assigning to Josh as he'll have the final say when performing the GNOME stack upgrade and will have to figure this out.

JoshStrobl lowered the priority of this task from Normal to Low.Nov 4 2018, 12:19 PM