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librsvg lacks rsvg-convert and is deprecated
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The librsvg package does not include rsvg-convert. It's also deprecated, and there's a note in the tar for Solus's version recommending newer versions.

rsvg-convert was needed to run oomix (not in the repo). There's a manpage for it but no binary.

Deprecation note is as follows:


You are looking at the 2.40.x series in librsvg, which is implemented
in the C programming language. This release series is no longer

As of December 2017, we are in the process of porting the internals of
librsvg from C to Rust. The public Application Programming Interface
(API) and Application Binary Interface (ABI) of librsvg remain
identical in the Rust version: it is a drop-in replacement for the
version you are looking at.

We strongly recommend that you update to the new version of librsvg,
as it has security fixes, lots of bug fixes, and ongoing development.

From the outside, the only difference is that librsvg is now much more
trustworthy when run against untrusted SVG files.

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We need 32bit rust to update this, probably why it went under the radar for so long.

If the 32bit version of this package was not needed for steam games that would be highly-preferable - but somehow I doubt that's the case! :D

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bitten by long fixed bug, please update.

did try reporting to gnome, but obviously they wern't interested...

... since 2.40 is not supported.

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We are on 2.45 now.

si added a comment.Jun 24 2019, 3:35 PM

in case OP was unaware, i was, 'rsvg-convert' is installed by the librsvg-devel package