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Request for fluid-soundfont
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  • Fluid-soundfont
  • Doesn’t really have a home page, seems to have disappeared from the face of this earth except for the Debian package:

    • Solus has no sound fonts and this would make it a lot easier for users to use programs like fluidsynth. There are not a lot of good soundfonts laying around, especially not open source ones so this one is pretty unique... It is also known to work well with fluidsynth.
    • Yes it is open source and release under MIT
    • I think most people wanting to play music with midi keyboards or make music in software using MIDI files
  • Link to download:

There are two files one is a smaller package and one is a bigger one. The bigger one is the one known to work well with fluidsynth. Both those files should be placed in /use/share/sounds/sf2 since that is the correct location for sf2 files...

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Okay did some more testing on this and apparently the small file is non functional with Fluidsynth, no need for it then

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I was actually trying to get this working a while back, but couldn’t manage to do it. Might give it a another try soon...

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