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Skype installed from "Third Party" has a too-small icon
Closed, WontfixPublic


Install Skype via the Third Party tab on the Software Center and the icon assigned to Skype in the toolbar is too small.

Rather than centering the icon however, it renders it in the top left square repeating, which just looks weird.

This might be an upstream bug, but I thought I would start here.

Confirmed in both MATE and Budgie

coliny created this task.Oct 28 2018, 4:00 PM
DataDrake triaged this task as Normal priority.
JoshStrobl closed this task as Wontfix.Feb 9 2019, 8:19 PM
JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.

This is an upstream issue. They're responsible for their XEmbed based icon.