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Update alsa-* to 1.1.7
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  • Add many new profiles/config and mixers, support python3
  • Fixes & support for newer hardware (I would really like to have this one in particular: Add a UCM profile for Dell WD15 Dock USB-audio )

Page with download links:

I had a look at alsa, but for some reason in alsa-lib python disappeared from the abi_used_libs (I tried to force --with-pythonlibs and --with-pythonincludes, I also tried python 2 and python 3 (which is now the default) but it never came back).

This being said, it doesn't seem to be a problem for the rebuilds I made, but there are too many for me now

  • alsa-lib
  • alsa-utils
  • alsa-plugins
  • alsa-tools
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casually looks over at Request a Package Update doc

Sorry @JoshStrobl forgot to mention that Bryan told me to open a task for this during a chat on IRC

Regardless it doesn't follow our template.

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