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Update networkx to 2.2
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Networkx was updated from 2.1 to 2.2 recently.

I've attached the package.yml here which I've built and been using, it works fine.
I wasn't sure if I could add it using arcanist as I didn't do the initial one but if I misunderstood that let me know and I can do the git commit.


Differential Revisions
D4063: Update networkx to 2.2

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I might do that for you.
Tell me the test plan i.e. how did you test this?

I just did an arc diff before I saw your message which has a small test plan: D4054

I have been using on my machine for work today, all my old scripts work so far anyway.

Actually, you have to update package using the instructions in

That's what I did, the bottom part updates the package.yml and then I submitted that new package.yml and the pspec from when I built it as described here (which was linked at the top of the one you linked):

Sorry if I got the process wrong, I often build packages for myself but I'm knew to maintaining them here so wasn't 100% certain what to do...
I didn't know if I could submit the update when I didn't add the package originally which why I created this task, after thinking about it more I then realised I probably could update it myself.

I think your .git folder i.e. the git repo isn't in the right place.

It should have been in the same folder as that of package.yml

padraig added a comment.EditedOct 16 2018, 3:02 PM

You're right, I did notice that after git commit it asked about other files in the home folder but I didn't do anything about it as I thought adding the files I needed would be okay... Should I do the process again?

I don't know it properly. Wait for someone to respond.

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