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RAM Usage
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I just installed Solus gnome 3.9999 and everything seems to work just fine, but I have noticed that the RAM usage is increasing on a start up. It starts with 1.1 GB, but it increases even when I don't open anything.
To be sure I checked my resource monitor and everything seems fine, but the RAM is increasing by it's own when there is no process is using that much of RAM.
I had the same issue with Solus budgie but it's been solved when I boot on alternative boot record, but with gnome it seems even with the alternative it still increasing.
I have Asus laptop with 8 GB of RAM, I kept it running without working on it for a day and it almost became full.
Is there any solution for this problem because it's really annoying.

Best Regards.

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Considering this resolved given we now have a new Mutter via R2123:0693be46097a767ee2167ebab55d3d815c6a6ef2. If you continue to have issues with desktop environments which utilize Mutter (GNOME Shell uses Mutter, Budgie WM's uses Mutter), I suggest you file it upstream with them.