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Deprecate libxfont
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I think that since xorg 1.19, libxfont2 R1924 is used and libxfont R1923 is obsolete.

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DataDrake triaged this task as Needs More Info priority.Oct 16 2018, 8:32 PM
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@kyrios123 Can you confirm this please?

This seems to be the use of xfont

./xorg-server/package.yml:56:    - pkgconfig(xfont)
./xorg-server/package.yml:57:    - pkgconfig(xfont2)
./xorg-driver-video-qxl/package.yml:22:    - pkgconfig(xfont2)
./bdftopcf/package.yml:14:    - pkgconfig(xfont)
./xorg-driver-video-intel/package.yml:16:    - pkgconfig(xfont2)
./xorg-driver-video-intel/package.yml:25:    - pkgconfig(xfont)

xorg-server does indeed use xfont2 now. The intel driver build log has #define FontSetPrivate(font, idx, data) xfont2_font_set_private(font, idx, data) suggesting xfont2.

So making sure the intel driver and bdftopcf don't require it before deprecating.