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  • Name: Palapeli (latest stables release seems to be 18.08.1 released 2018-09-06)
  • Homepage:
  • Reason for inclusion: To the best of my knowledge there are no jigsaw puzzle games available in the Solus repos. Palapeli is probably the best of that sort of game available for Linux at this time and has been for several years now.
  • Open Source: Yes, GPLv2. It's one of the KDE game projects.
  • Source: Git repo can be found through here -

As far as I can tell, all of it's dependencies are available in Solus already (QT5, KF5, and KDEGames).

Event Timeline

Uradamus created this task.Sep 21 2018, 9:49 PM
DataDrake triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Oct 16 2018, 10:18 PM
DataDrake moved this task from Backlog to Accepted For Inclusion on the Package Requests board.

Great to see this got accepted and that it has been picked up by a maintainer. Does that initial commit mean there is a build available somewhere for testing? I'm still pretty new to Solus, so I don't really know the process for updating the package list used by the Software Center or any alternative approaches to installing something new like this. I updated my system and checked for updates, but I don't see this showing up yet. I'm fine with waiting if need be, but if there is something I can do to get it to install sooner, I'd be glad to help test things out and provide some feedback if needed.

The package hasn't been included in a repository yet, you can subscribe here to keep track of its status. It will probably be added before the next sync (this Friday) and then you will be able to install it after updating the repository databases (which I think you can do by checking for updates in the software center, or in the terminal with: sudo eopkg ur).