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Removing system.devel results in vital packages removed as well
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Steps to repeat:

  1. Install system.devel package
sudo eopkg it -c -y system.devel
  1. Remove system.devel package
sudo eopkg rm -c -y system.devel

One would expect that latter will result in removing packages only related to development (*-devel, compilers, linux-headers and other stuff) but following vital packages will be removed as well:

budgie-desktop  gnome-session  perl-net-dbus  perl-xml-twig  perl-xmlparser  xdg-utils

For instance, removed gnome-session will result in inability to log in to system on next reboot (session failed to start!) and possibly other errors.

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perl-xmlparser appears to be the culprit. might be needed for intltool? @sunnyflunk do you remember?

Yes it is. Removing components by uninstalling each package isn't a great method imo. Removing packages which aren't a depdency by any installed package that isn't being removed is a lot more logical and safer.

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I have been running in to this a couple times. Would be nice to get this fixed 👍

A quick fix is likely moving`perl-xmlparser` to programming.perl component and adding perl-xmlparser as a rundep to intltool

Then it will no longer forcibly remove perl-xmlparser when removing system.devel

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