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Update Latte-Dock to 0.8.1
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latte-dock 0.8.1 includes the following fixes:

  • redesign the multi-screens implementation. OnPrimary docks have always higher priority in multi-screen environments
  • do not move explicit dock on primary screen
  • consider "not show background" case as full transparency
  • consider preferredSize(s) only for >0 values (case of locked analog clock disappearing at a vertical panel)
  • if there is not any active window at all, dodge set docks should reappear
  • do not crash in wayland when right clicking with touchpad
  • do not double paint plama theme background when the theme does not contain a shadow
  • draw properly plasma theme panel backgrounds based on the edge that the dock or panel is present, e.g. Unity Ambiance, Nilium
  • identify maximized window screen differently
  • show grouped windows previews properly (follow plasma design for window previews)
  • place correctly a new copied dock in a multi-screen environment
  • enable blur for solid theme panels
  • missing global shortcuts '9' badge
  • support unified or not global shortcuts in case the user does not want to use the Latte unified system for its applets

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