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snap-update-ns failed with code 1: File exists
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When trying to run Clementine which is a snap package that has worked for months I get the following:

$ clementine 
cannot update snap namespace: cannot drop supplementary groups: operation not permitted
snap-update-ns failed with code 1: File exists

When refreshing the snaps I get:

$ snap refresh
All snaps up to date.

Please let me know if you need more from me and what that might be to solve this issue.

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what's the output of snap --version?

$ snap --version
snap    2.35
snapd   2.35
series  16
solus   3.9999
kernel  4.18.5-90.current

AppArmor issue ?
Perhaps you could try sudo eopkg install --reinstall snapd + reboot ?

Reinstallation solved the problem. Thank you!