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Update pulseeffects to 4.3.4
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Fixes/additions since 4.2.5:

  • Improved the plugin that adapts the size of the buffer given by pulsesrc.
  • Improved log messages.
  • Fixed a regression that could cause severe noises when multiple audio apps were playing at the same time.
  • The adapter plugin used internally by PE reports the latency that it may introduce(proportional to the block size) to GStreamer. Latency is only added when the block size s larger than the number o samples per buffer in Pulseaudio buffer.
  • The latency introduced by the Gstreamer pipeline is displayed in the headerbar.
  • PulseEffects now remembers the custom input and output device selected by the user. In case it does not exists in the next start we fallback to the default device.
  • The about dialog window "hide" method is explicitly called now.
  • The user can blacklist applications he/she does not want effects being applied.
  • We check if there is any forbidden character in the name of the preset that the user is adding. If there is we just clear the field and do not try to add the preset.
  • One of the help images was not being installed.
  • Settings are automatically reset after an upgrade. As almost all PulseEffects settings are saved to the presets file this shouldn't be too annoying for the users.
  • A system notification (gnotification) is show to the user asking if he/she wants to reset PulseEffects settings after an update.
  • PulseEffects is now dbus activatable.
  • A verification was added to verify if the current plugin list has any invalid plugin name. If there is the list is reset to its default value.

Full change log here:

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If its okay, I plan to do the update for this package. Already have the eopkg built, just need to do some testing.

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