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Name - GNOME Podcasts

Homepage -

Why should this be included in the repository? - There is currently two podcast apps in the Solus SC. One is called Vocal, built for Elementary OS, but is distro agnostic. However it has been very buggy since its release and crashes/freezes constantly. There is also gPodder which is a great app, however it only downloads podcasts, it does not have the ability to play podcasts within the app. I propose including GNOME Podcasts into the Solus repos because it allows you to download and play podcasts all in the app, and it works just fine under my testing. GNOME Podcasts is also currently under active development as recently as yesterday.

Is it Open Source - YES

Who and how many users do you anticipate will use this software? - More and more people listen to podcasts, roughly 1/3 of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Over 100 million people listen to podcasts each year in America alone. Now how many of those people are Solus users? I don't know, but I can say those that are Solus users, at least 25% or more of them would listen to podcasts and that is why I would like GNOME Podcasts added to the repos. If I had to pull a number out of my hat, I'd say 100 to 1,000 people might use this app.

Link to source tarball/zip file -

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at least 25% or more of them would listen to podcasts and that is why I would like GNOME Podcasts added to the repos

Not really sure where you'd get this number.

In terms of it being called "GNOME Podcasts", it's mildly infuriating given the repo is technically "hammond", so I'd like clarification from upstream as to what they intend to call it, and make sure it's consistent.

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Moving to Awaiting Package Upgrades pending clarification from any upstream dev on intended name and shifting things to be consistent.

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This is going to require Solus to upgrade GTK to 3.24.1 due to dependency on libhandy

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@stigarn I will package this when we move to the GNOME 3.32 stack.

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This isn't going to land. It requires libhandy, which is not only a library with a currently unstable API/ABI, but entirely oriented towards mobile UX. I find it entirely unacceptable to start requiring mobile UX libraries for desktop applications, or applications which in our case will only be used in a laptop / desktop environment.