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Name: Kbibtex


This app is a) in general very helpful for writing academic texts, b) a great Qt-alternative for Jabref, which is written in Java, c) unlike Jabref, it offers very useful field suggestions based on previous entries (that saves a lot of time when adding references), d) to me it is much more intuitive and user friendly than Jabref, e) it integrates well with LaTeX and Lyx, f) it helps to complete the availability of KDE software (I'm using Solus KDE) and therefore g) fits aesthetically well with other KDE / Qt apps. As soon as Budgie will be based on Qt, Kbibtex would also integrate very well in this DE.

It is open source.

Latest version (v. 0.8.1):


Thank you so much for considering to add this new package. In any case, I will continue to love Solus OS and to support you on Patreon!

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