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Packaging for arduino cli
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Why should this be included in the repository? If we already offer similar software in our repository or third party, please provide information on what your proposed software does that our existing offerings don’t (differentiators).
Allows developers to work with the arduino from the cli and alternative development environments that use the command

Is it Open Source (yes/no)

Who and how many users do you anticipate will use this software?
mainly developers and makers communities

Link to source tarball/zip file

This is likely close to the package file you will need

name : arduino-cli
version : 0.2.0
release : 1
source : : 8ad3154862c91d23c934b2e871315b7b3e010570e828e3239ee361d61d38bc03

license : GPL-3.0-or-later
summary : Official command line tools for working with arduino
component : Programming
networking : yes
extract : no
description: |

arduino-cli is an all-in-one solution that provides builder, boards/library manager, uploader, discovery and many other tools needed to use any Arduino compatible board and platforms.

builddeps :


build : |

export GOPATH=`pwd`
go get
cd src/
/usr/bin/go build ./

install : |

cd src/
install -Dm00755 arduino-cli $installdir/usr/bin/arduino-cli

Also referencing this issue I originally created

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oly created this task.Aug 28 2018, 7:34 PM

Would be cool to see this accepted. Happy to provide testing if needed.

Sidenote: I'm of the opinion that the CLI tools are more useful than the Arduino IDE T210 (which didn't go anywhere due to lack of attention), given the easy integration with established IDEs.

JoshStrobl closed this task as Wontfix.Aug 31 2018, 5:21 PM
JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.

Closing as WONTFIX pending non-alpha release.