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Update Samba to 4.8.6 (from the previous 4.7.x branch)
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Samba 4.7.10 introduces stricter buildreq version checking (requires ldb <1.3.x for instance). Since we already moved to ldb 1.3.x with our Samba 4.7.x upgrade, and since the Samba 4.8.x series is now maturing, it makes more sense to switch to the 4.8.x series than to downgrade a stack which is already proven to work with our other applications.

No changes to the default Solus Samba configuration have been made, so the upgrade is expected to be seamless for users.

This issue tracks the stack upgrade status.

4.8.x feature highlights relevant to the default Solus Samba config:

  • Time Machine Support with vfs_fruit
  • Support for lower casing the MDNS Name
  • * BUG 13606: wafsamba: Fix 'make -j<jobs>'. (Yay! \o/)

Build and configuration changes from 4.7.x:

  • Disable the Active Directory Domain Controller functionality since Solus is a Personal Computing -- as opposed to Enterprise -- Client OS. In addition, the AD DC functionality was never tested to work on Solus. Has the additional benefit of removing the confusing 'samba.service' systemd service file (see T6659).
  • Change permissions on /var/lib/samba/private from 0755 to 0700 (like fedora)
  • No-op reorganization of build option order to improve readability
  • Use upstream systemd units (disable unneded samba.service)
  • Depends on updates to talloc, tevent, tdb and ldb. As far as I can tell these buildreq changes only add ABI symbols (no apparent symbol removals).

Release Notes:

Samba rebuild stack:

* samba (4.8.5)
+-> tevent (0.9.37) -> talloc (2.1.14)
+-> tdb (1.3.16)
`-> ldb (1.3.6)

Rebuild stack captured in D3943 now.


Rebuilds needed (according to eopkg-deps):

$ eopkg-deps rev ldb
Package: ldb                                                                                                                       
Reverse Dependency  Release                                                                                                        
samba               6                         
Total: 1                             

$ eopkg-deps rev tdb
Package: tdb                      
Reverse Dependency  Release                                                                                                        
ldb                 11                                                                                                             
rhythmbox           11                                                                                                             
samba               11                                                                                                             
tdb-utils           0                                                                                                              
Total: 4                                                                                                                           

$ eopkg-deps rev tevent                                                                               
Package: tevent                                                                                                                    
Reverse Dependency  Release                                                                                                        
ldb                 8                                                                                                              
samba               8                       
Total: 2      

$ eopkg-deps rev talloc
Package: talloc              
Reverse Dependency  Release
ldb                 7   
notmuch             7   
samba               7   
tevent              7   
Total: 4

$ eopkg-deps rev samba
Package: samba

Reverse Dependency    Release
acccheck              0
gnome-control-center  41
gvfs                  37
kio-extras            41
kodi                  41
mpd                   39
mpv                   41
mpv-libs              41
nautilus-share        0
python-pysmbc         37
vlc                   41

Total: 11

Test Plan:

  • Build Samba 4.8.6 against ldb-1.3.6, tdb-1.3.16 and tevent-0.9.37
  • Build tevent-0.9.37 against talloc-2.1.14
  • Run sudo testparm -v and check for anomalies
  • sudo systemctl enable --now smb ; smbclient -N -L localhost<- check that the service runs and that it is possible to connect to the smb daemon
  • Build against gvfs-1.36.2, reboot, and ensure that anonymous and authenticated user access works in Nautilus

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@ermo So I guess the questions are:

  1. What is the state of gvfs compatibility with 4.8.x branch?
  2. Is this going to require us to upgrade the GNOME stack or could this in theory go in now?
ermo added a comment.EditedOct 21 2018, 5:43 PM


  1. gvfs-1.36.2 works when recompiled against samba-4.8.5 (rebuilt and rebooted, checked anonymous and non-anonymous access to share from Nautilus)
  2. Since 1. worked I would say that an upgrade isn't needed and that it can go in now.
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Over to you champ -- enjoy! 👍

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