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Name: Subsurface


Why should this be included in the repository? If we already offer similar software in our repository or third party, please provide information on what your proposed software does that our existing offerings don’t (differentiators).

It is one of the top dive log programs used, was created by Linus Torvalds, and enjoys a large following, even among the mainstream diving community. There is currently no dive log software in the Solus repos. It is also the only major open source dive log software and integrates with most dive computers.

Is it Open Source: yes

Who and how many users do you anticipate will use this software?:
Pretty much exclusively SCUBA divers (maybe freedivers too, but that seems less likely), and I have no idea how many SCUBA divers would be likely to use Solus. Maybe 10 to a few hundred.

Link to source tarball/zip file:

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