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Update anydesk to 4.0.0
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New features include:

  • Address book
  • Session comments
  • Session recording and playback
  • New permission interface
  • TCP hole punching improvements - The TCP hole punching mechanism has been improved for kernel ≥ 3.9
  • SystemD improvements
  • Disabled access to the action menu, when the session has not been fully established
  • The “remember password” checkbox is now disabled, if this is prohibited by the remote side
  • Added an error message when connecting to an unsupported display server (e.g. Wayland)
  • Fixed a session crash, when using “sudo su” in a terminal over AnyDesk

Tarbal can be downloaded here:

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Should be filed at since it is a Third Party Repository item. We do the tracking for it over there and save for a couple items in the tag, it's likely to be removed in the near future.