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Dolphin uses trash bin for USB devices
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I don't know if this could be considered an issue, but it's certainly weird. Solus Plasma is using trash bin for USB devices too, making deletions very slow because it has to cut-and-paste the content to the root partition. Is there a way to disable this behavior?

EDIT: thanks guys, it's actually an upstream bug.

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I assume this is the upstream behaviour? (then it's not really a bug). I'm probably the last person you want to ask in how Plasma is meant to work.

I haven't seen anywhere this can be changed, but if it's a feature you'd like added, then upstream would be the place to request it. Personally I hate how others create the .Trash directories on external drives.

If you go into Dolphin's Control > Configure Dolphin > Services, there's a "Delete" service. Turning it on enables a right-click option to delete files instead of moving them to trash.

It's turned off by default as a safety, too many users were hitting it by mistake, thinking it was the same thing as Trash, and losing files.

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@folcred yeah I could use this as a workaround. I'd like to have no trash bin at all but that's what we have :)

@sunnyflunk a feature request is a good idea!

If you make your Trash size to be 0 in the options (or basically 0), then I imagine files wouldn't be sent to the Trash.

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Not a Solus issue, actually:
With that said, I do not exclude that we can modify this behavior.

This can definitely be closed. They fixed it in framework 5.74 and we're now on 5.77.

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Oh, this is my task. I guess I'll take the initiative :P