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Meta: Week 32 Weekend Tasklist
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This is a tasklist of items to work on during the weekend of week 32 (August 6th - 12th).

  • Kernels
  • Stack Upgrades
  • System Core
    • @joebonrichie - dbus, dbus-glib and python-dbus upgrades and safety rebuilds against ABI and API changes.
  • Misc
    • @JoshStrobl - Dropkick R3359 (makemkv) to unblock D2767 (ffmpeg 4.0)
    • @JoshStrobl - Dropkick all of nuvola. Requires CEF to make it even semi-usable and they moved to a fragmented architecture that makes it a mess to upgrade and repackage. "Resolves" T6669.
    • @JoshStrobl - Dropkick radeontop-devel and n1 while you're at it, as they are dead packages.
    • @JoshStrobl - Dropkick plex-media-player as upstream has no interest in supporting a modern Qt stack, making it nonviable to remian in the repo. "Resolves" T6542.
    • @DataDrake - R2066:698c4e2463a3: Update mesa to 18.1.5
    • @sunnyflunk - Land vulkan updates from @kyrios123
    • #developers - Work on patch backlog
    • #core_team - Write blog post on planned replacing of godot 2.x series in next week's sync with godot 3.x. Gives people enough time to ensure they export their projects or are aware that they should do so.

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The vulkan stak (D3198) isn't hard/long, so perhaps it could be added as "bonus" to this tasklist if there should still have time to do it

JoshStrobl changed the task status from Open to In Progress.Aug 11 2018, 9:23 AM
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Marked patch backlog as done. It was worked on, not completed. As always, it progresses into future weeks.

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Marking as resolved, blog post is now out.