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Update anydesk to 2.9.9
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Several new features and many important bug fixes:


  • GUI restored - Status bar for active sessions restored


  • Global settings fixed - Fixed a bug that spawned the global settings in a manner that passwords would be written to the wrong config file. Thus it was not possible to change the unattended PW in some cases
  • Crash resolved - Resolved issue with a crash by entering an invalid ID
  • Command line - Fixed connect via command line
  • Assign ID fixed - Resolved AnyDesk assigning a new ID when starting a local service after global was installed
  • Settings behavior restored - Global settings were not displayed

2.9.7 (Major Update):

  • Improved login
  • Improved settings - Added privacy settings to be on-par with the Windows port
  • Default paths adjusted - Changed default path of the chat log to Documents folder. Changed default path for screenshots to Pictures folder. Changed default path for file downloads to Downloads folder.
  • Added settings - Added chatlog and screenshot path settings
  • Choose alias added - Added choose alias panel. The user can now choose an alias like in the Windows port
  • Context menu for ID added - Added context menu to address (Copy invitation, Copy adress, claim alias, etc)
  • Enable global settings - Added gksu and polkit functionality to enable the global settings
  • Chat behavior feature added - Added bring to top on chat option
  • Fixed tree view - Fixed a bug in the TreeView that could lead to undefined behavior
  • Fixed directory issue - Fixed reading the /proc directory for Ubuntu based distributions
  • Fixed config file issue
  • Improved file transfer - Fixed file transfer issue with files containing spaces in the filename. resolved a bug that could crash AnyDesk during a file transfer if some special characters were in the filename
  • Improved switch sides - Fixed an issue that prevented the switch sides feature from working
  • Improved stability - Resolved a bug that could crash the tray icon. Fixed the settings window not updating correctly
  • Resolved settings problem - Fixed a bug that could crash the audio settings
  • Clean up - Removed unneccessary dependencies from the debian package
  • Deployment - Fixed the command line interface
  • Customize AnyDesk - Resolved a bug that prevented the custom logo from being shown
  • Resolved autostart issue - Fixed the control process not autostarting in global mode

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