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Update MPC-QT to version v18.08
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Fixes and enhancements

The following changes have been made since the last version:

Saner defaults (volume/zoom/tracks)
Add a device manager to implement the Open Disc menu
Add subtitles toggle button (#167 #211)
Improve usage of the fallback icon theme (#208)
Add shortcut to escape fullscreen (#194)
Add Spanish translation (#206)
Sanitise MPRIS metadata (#203 #204)
Implement deltaExtraPlaytimes IPC command (#200)
Implement early multi-process (#176)
Support Qt 5.11 (#198)
Extract tagged version information during the build process
Improve the playlist's context menu
Implement shuffle mode (#190)
Use mpv's new hook API (#189)
Fix regression with capitalized file extensions (#186)
Fix banding on Wayland (#164)
Add high bit-depth screenshotting option (#183)
Load mpv Lua scripts at [configfolder]/scripts (#182)
Wire up the autoload subs fields
Add --freestanding window launch option (#176)
Add option to suppress OSD messages (#179)
Only accept mouse events over the video widget (#177)
Allow the speed step to be customized (#175)
Don't add external subfiles to the playlist (#174)
Use mpv's internal stats plugin
Implement moving to next/previous file in the folder
Use mpv's new render API

In addition, there may be other changes not listed here.


This version is incompatible with older mpv releases. mpv 0.29.0 requires ffmpeg 4.0 and some distro users may need to use the mpv build scripts to make mpv. 8543470
The optional device manager functionality requires the presence of the udisks2 dbus service. 26e8c19
Compiling on Windows now requires packages to convert svg to ico. 855b14b
Running mpc-qt with some of the circulating mpv lua scripts may void your warranty. f6f2426

tarball -

blocker: D2767

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