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Investigate Freetype 2.7.0 for better rendering performance and sub-pixel hinting
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According to an article in Phoronix the 2.7.0 release includes much better sub-pixel hinting and I quote:

FreeType 2.7 also has improvements to its smooth rasterizer to make it about 20% faster, fixed for handling of raw CID fonts, fuzzer fixes, and various bug fixes and other improvements.

Maybe worth taking a look when time and scope allows, for further integration with our "optimized" desktop strategy.

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What do you think about the Infinality bundle & font project?

Freetype project:

We will not be using infinality. 2.7 will be investigated in due course, last time I attempted resulted in deeply inferior font rendering in Solus

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OK was a lot of buggering about and there is probably more to be done yet, but: