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Broken time settings on Plasma
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After installing Plasma using sudo eopkg install -c desktop.kde && sudo eopkg it latte-dock, my system performs almost flawlessly except I cannot change my system time or NTP settings. (Plus a minor hassle with icons, also visible in picture below at the top-left.)

I get a couple of really generic errors.

Anecdotal that installing Plasma from Budgie ISO disables the systemd-timesyncd.service

After running sudo systemctl enable systemd-timesyncd.service && sudo systemctl start systemd-timesyncd.service, my system time is now correct but the KDE time settings still error and cannot change the system time.

timedate status was useful for seeing what timesyncd was doing.

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Relevant code is here:

Question for long time users. Would you expect to require having to enter your password to change the time? (i.e. kauth for sudo privileges)

No not really, it's not in the region of you may break your system

As changing the time setting system wide, yes. It's not just the one user's clock being changed, it's system time.

@folcred I've read the code, you should be able to change the time without a password as far as I can tell. So by expect to, I mean to say does Neon prompt you for a password when you do it (obviously can't test a live ISO).

Snuggle added a comment.EditedJul 6 2018, 2:26 PM

If it’s global system time, I think sudo might be necessary. It’s a bit awkward to have my little brother changing the time to Japan on a multi-user family household system. (Random example)

I don’t think people will care either way though. It’s a very rare change that you’d need to make.

I'm not asking for preferences...I'm asking what happens when it actually works, if I installed plasma say not on Solus (when you don't get the error and successfully change the time).

I see two methods (one of which I don't imagine doing) and mentioning them just seems to confuse people.

...systemd is broken (would have been nice to know before I learnt more than I wanted to about DBus), will talk to ikey

How so? Is systemd giving errors upon changing time?

I tried installing an OpenSUSE VM but it failed to fetch their repos.

In my settings it's enabled and when I enter my password to disable it I get the same error. System installed using the latest Solus Plasma image.