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Supporting .Deb packages
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Hello. I'm new to Solus. This is a long story:
I wanted a Linux OS that had the Budgie desktop and the latest Ubuntu 18.04 OS and can be successfully be installed on an empty flash drive. The only problem was that all the Ubuntu-based OSes I could find had one thing in common: they all installed GRUB on my computer instead of my drive; so if I wanted to get to my flash drive, if have to go through my computer first, meaning I can't use Ubuntu on any other computer without modifying their drives. Solus was my last chance, but I see it doesn't have anything Ubuntu-related, and didn't support .Deb packages, which, to me, is a huge letdown. No offense, but I don't trust Linux app stores; I rather install them myself, via .Deb packages off the web.
This may or may not have been denied from the Solus team, but I'm asking that this be implemented in the next Solus update:

  • support of .Deb packages and the GDebi app in the Solus store
  • if possible, the Linux kernel be based on the latest Ubuntu 18.04
  • if not already, built-in support for Snap packages.

Thanks Solus team. If you at least support the .deb packages, Solus will be my #1 Linux distro.

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  • We aren't Debian-based. Solus is a completely independent distro with our own packaging format (eopkg) and toolchain (eopkg, ypkg, solbuild). Our Software Center is also not a "store" as we don't sell anything that exists there.
  • Ubuntu 18.04 is based on the Linux kernel, not the other way around. We provide an LTS (4.9 series) and Current (4.17 series) kernel package.
  • We already support Snap packages and have for quite some time now.
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