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[PLASMA] When opening lid (resuming from suspend) I get the budgie lock screen
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If I close then open the lid of my laptop (resuming from suspend) I get the budgie lock screen.
But if I lock the session with ctrl-alt-l the KDE lock screen is called.

On plasma system settings I was unable to find any way to select the desired lock screen.

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Well the simple answer is remove gnome-screensaver, then you will have no lock screen on budgie.

2nd possible option, make sure this is selected so then hopefully powerdevil takes over handling the button (rather than systemd whom may call whichever has the lowest alphabetical name most likely).

systemd-inhibit will also shed some light on what's impacting suspend

Hello Sunnyflunk, thank you for looking into this.

I uninstalled gnome-screensaver (and it removed a bunch of dependencies, mainly budgie plugin) but now, if i close the lid, I get the background of gnome lock screen, a "title" bar with clock and my username but NO window to insert the password. It's stuck there and not responsive, except for the mouse pointer.

I had to reboot from tty and now it's working correctly and the kde screen lock is called.

@Brandywine Any chance you could test what happens when you have gnome-screensaver installed, but have the power options set like this: (I believe it is set off by default so I figured systemd could be the one causing the suspend).

I tried that and it worked without loading gnome-screensaver. I haven't rebooted, is that needed?

@Brandywine for a complete test, I would say after a reboot (otherwise the gnome-screensaver stuff wouldn't have had a chance to load. There's no rush if you don't want to reboot now, I just don't have those options to test due to the non-laptop nature of my device xD

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due no response since 2 years and having multiple DE's installed which I dont suggest and support I gonna close it