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Description: JRuby is a high performance, stable, fully threaded Java implementation of the Ruby programming language
Summary:JRuby is a 100% Java implementation of the Ruby programming language. It is Ruby for the JVM.

JRuby provides a complete set of core "builtin" classes and syntax for the Ruby language, as well as most of the Ruby Standard Libraries. The standard libraries are mostly Ruby's own complement of .rb files, but a few that depend on C language-based extensions have been reimplemented. Some are still missing, but we hope to implement as many as is feasible.
License: EPL 2/GPL 2/LGPL 2.1
Open Source: Yes.
Use case: People compiling Ruby code who desire a fast, JVM-compatible implementation.

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It's been a month since this has been accepted and marked for needs maintainer. Given nobody has stepped up to provide an accepted patch, marking as wontfix. Feel free to re-open when a patch has been submitted via the appropriate process.

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